Holiday Gift Guide #2: For Your Sweet Toddler Who Wants To Grow Up To Be Just Like Daddy


Fishing in the Tub- $16.00


Sometimes you just need to get away from it all and go fishing. Fishing in the Tub means a relaxing fishing trip anytime in the comfort of your very own bathtub!

Hape Barbecue Grill- $141.00


If you want to grill like a pro, you’ve got to start young! Daddy will be so excited to taste test your first play-burgers!

Take-Apart Roadster- $29.00


You need your own car to work on! With this set you can take it apart and put it back together. If your heart is set in the sky there is a Take-Apart Airplane option as well!

When Dads Don’t Grow Up- $16.99


Uncovering the truth behind Dads- they’re just big grown-up looking kids!

Tool Belt- $18.00


If help is needed around the house, this tool set will get you all set up to do all the handy work. Comes with a Hammer, Wrench, Pliers, Screwdriver and a Beeper all in a belt you can tie around your waist! Don’t forget a yellow construction helmet ($5.50, not pictured) for safety!

Djeco Wooden Sandwich Making Set- $36.00


One of the coolest sandwich sets EVER! Lots of different meats, cheeses, and toppings for your delicious sandwich concoction- all topped off with an olive toothpick just like at a real deli!

E-Land Flannel Shirt and LeTop Denim Jeans- $36.00 and $32.00  G7

Comfortable, rugged, and cool just like Dad in this flannel and jeans combo!

Hope you enjoyed this guide! Santa is still here at the store so I’m going back to visit with him- look forward to an update about his visit this week. He’ll be back next Saturday for anyone that missed him 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm.


2 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide #2: For Your Sweet Toddler Who Wants To Grow Up To Be Just Like Daddy

  1. I just love your store! It is refreshing to see unique quality items from all over the world. When I come into town I always ask my husband to let us stop by to see your store front window display. So glad you are around.


    1. Thank you so much! It is such a delight to hear such kind words about the store! I plan to make a post in the coming weeks highlighting our holiday festive windows and displays in the store so stay tuned:) Happy Holidays!


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