Holiday Gift Guide #3: For Your Little Artiste Who is Destined to be The Next Pablo Picasso!

Bitty Bobble Pet Shop- $26.00


Creativity for Kids makes some great art sets for everyone on your list. This set lets you decorate little bobble-head animals! As well as making a fantastic Christmas gift, this would be a great set to get so your child can decorate each animal and give them as gifts to friends or relatives!

Shrinky Dinks- $6.00


ShrinkyDinks are a timeless classic that will amaze all ages. Color them in while large and then stick them in the oven for about five minutes and they will shrink into awesome tiny art. Bonus if you have an oven door with a great view so you can all gather around and watch your masterpieces turn miniature!

Drawing for the Artistically Undiscovered- $19.95


This book is full of prompts to spark creativity in any kid! Plenty of space to doodle and sketch with great helpful tips and tricks to master the basics in drawing.

Who Was… Books- $4.99


We carry a wide array of “Who Was…?” books which give a basic background and some fun facts about the subject of that particular book. Here is a selection of artists you can learn about, though the series encompasses sports stars, historical figures, and authors as well!

Tabletop Art Easel- $41.00


All of the fun of an easel without taking up nearly the space! This easel easily folds up and stores flat when not in use. The dry erase board and chalkboard make it a great rainy day activity to pull out! (If you do want a full sized child’s art easel we do carry those too though!)

Solar Print Paper- $7.00


When left in the sunlight, this paper will absorb any part that is exposed while leaving the rest blank. Cover with leaves, sticks, flowers or any other array of shapes and textures to see what kind of amazing art you can create!

Craft Apron- $17.00

      art6A couple of our all-star employees are modeling these cool craft aprons! While they would probably be more appropriately sized for a toddler, we think the patterns are super fun!


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