Holiday Gift Guide #4: For Your Silly Uncle Who Drives a Cool Jeep Without Doors and Lets You Use Him as a Jungle Gym!

Barrel of Monkeys & Monkey Finger Puppet-$10.00 and $9.50Monkey

Since your Uncle is always monkeying around, why not give him a fun throwback with a Barrel of Monkeys and finger puppet!

Box of Jokes- $18.00


Squirt ring, fake poop, a hand buzzer and more- make sure you’re on the scheming side for this gift! Play jokes on the whole family all day!

Classic Disguise and Stylish Mustaches- $4.00 and $7.50disguise

After playing all those jokes on the family (or maybe after riding in that cool Jeep with no doors without Mom’s permission) you and your Uncle will need some top-notch disguises! Mustaches, glasses, and fake noses will ensure a clean getaway!

Crazy Aaron’s Super Magnetic Putty- $16.00

This putty is out of this world amazing! Check out the video above from Crazy Aaron’s Official Youtube and see all the awesome things you can do! Regular putty until you hold the magnet to it which gives the putty its own magnetic charge!  There is a wide variety and we also carry heat-sensitive color changing, glow-in-the-dark, metallic putty and others!

Pop, Pop, Snappers!- $1.00/box


A classic! Little twisted packets that make a big sound are enjoyed by all ages! These will go to use by his inner child within seconds of opening the package.

Sticker Dressing Rescue Missions- $8.99rescue

Another perfect gift for the inner child. Who says dress up sticker books are for babies? These action rescue hero’s need their awesome gear!

Site Striker and Rubber Band Shooter- $16.00 and $7.00


A foam ball shooter that is safe for indoor or outdoor use (depending on the number of precariously balancing antiques indoors.) For a smaller option the Rubber Band Shooter Blaster SUPREME is sure to be appreciated…by the recipient at least!

The Second day of Christmas (12/14/14) Why Not? is offering 15% off to any customers who come in wearing a fun and festive hat! Mention this when you get to the register and show off your cool cap (boring old baseball caps need not apply)! Check with us on Facebook tomorrow to see what our offer is!


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