Magical Displays and Christmas Cheer!

Our front window was inspired by Christmas morning! Three little bears sneaking down before their parents wake to see what Santa has left under the tree! See if you can spot all 7 frogs in the window the next time you’re at the store!

The holidays are absolutely the most magical time of year here at 200 King Street. We have Santa’s visits, colorful lights and garlands, secret Elfing, and the delightful excitement of everyone- young and old. The joy you see in a gruff Grandfather’s eyes when he picks out just the perfect pink, glittery stuffed animal to bring giggles and smiles to his tiny Granddaughter on Christmas Day.  The relaxed smile you see on Mom’s face as she realizes she’s done with her shopping and though there is much left to do- crossing even one thing off the never-ending to-do list is a beautiful moment. Check out the pictures below of the delightful displays our team has set up around the store!

wheres my ear
Our dear, sweet Mr. Potato Head has lost his ear! Who could be responsible for this awful trick?!


These characters in our display are getting into some shenanigans! Snowball fights and fun!

  armoire    reindeer

Last week one of our sweetest customers, James, came in to visit with us at the store. He is finally four years old, truly a little gentleman, and grows about an inch taller every month. It’s frightening to see how quickly he’s going from being a toddler to a little boy! When he saw our big reindeer friend in the middle of the store he actually SQUEALED with delight and ran straight to it forgetting all about being a “big boy,” and growing up. The reindeer got a huge hug and he asked his babysitter to please take a picture of him with the reindeer to send to mommy. As he was posing with the giant stuffed animal, it looked like the ecstatic smile on his face was going to soon grow so big it wouldn’t be possible to contain it!  Of course his little face couldn’t contain all of the joy; first the smile spread to his babysitter, then to me, then to everyone else in the store- it really took over! I’d be willing to bet it spread to every single person who looked at that picture too. It was certainly one of my favorite moments of the holiday season thus far; remembering the exhilaration of a child’s excitement at Christmastime is enough to get anyone in the spirit!

side front window
A beautiful window display celebrating winter!

Don’t forget to come in and join in our holiday promotions! Today is another trivia day- if we can’t stump you with some fun holiday trivia you’ll receive 15% off your purchase! Also bring a new toy (or purchase one here) for the toy drive and we will take $5 off your purchase of $25 or more! Have a great day!


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