St. Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and I hope you are all as excited as I am to celebrate. We are ready with our pink bunnies and red dragons!  Valentine’s Day can get a pretty bad wrap for being overly “commercial,” but as with any other holiday- it is what you make it! My favorite thing about the holiday is making homemade cards for all my friends and family to make them feel special and remind them that I appreciate everything they do in my life; especially in this dreary winter season.


A great way to make Valentine’s Day special for your children is to make a family tradition that reminds them of the love they will ALWAYS be able to count on– yours! When I was about 8 years old, my Mom and I decided we would try our hand at making pot-stickers (pan-fried dumplings) as a special Valentine dinner for my Dad and brothers.  We worked all afternoon; my brothers even joined in to carefully fill each won ton wrapper and fold it closed.

Together, we set the table as beautifully as possible using our nicest plates and prettiest tablecloth; Dad even brought flowers for the occasion! We gathered our special Valentine cards for each other and piled them onto each place-setting.  It could be the fog of nostalgia but I don’t even remember fighting with my brothers about who got to sit where at the table. Finally we cooked the dumplings and they all stuck horribly to the pan and ended up burning! I think only a few were salvageable for dinner. We had such a wonderful time preparing together that it didn’t even matter, and the ones that survived were so good we decided to make it a yearly tradition.

That was over 15 years ago and through all of my teenage heartbreaks and trials of growing up, I have never been disappointed by Valentine’s Day.  Eventually, it turned into making our potstickers NEAR Valentine’s Day as us kids grew older, or me calling for the recipe to make at college while Mom made them at home.  No matter how it works out these days, this little tradition we started reminds me every year that there are so many people to appreciate on Valentine’s Day- not to mention this kind of treat can be shared with many or just one special someone. Don’t forget to call your best friend, stop by your Nana’s house, drop a letter to your favorite far-away aunt and hand out smiles freely this Saturday!


I’ll leave you with some sweet outfits in pinks and reds! Besides the sweet smocked dress, they are all part of the 40% off sale. That gorgeous red coat in a 3T has dropped to only $36.60 from $61.00! Check back soon, I’ll be giving you a preview of some of our beautiful spring merchandise that has started taking over the store as well as some of our fun plans for Easter. Happy Valentine’s Day!



Hello! In case you haven’t heard yet, February has been doomed to a wintery fate by Punxsutawney Phil. We aren’t too concerned over here though, there are plenty of warm cozy cold-weather items to get us through into spring! Everything in our winter clothing section has officially dropped to 40% off the marked price; I’ve highlighted a TINY selection of items to give you an idea of what you can still find and what a fantastic deal it is now!
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Now that you have an idea of what great pieces are here waiting for you- brave the winter cold for some great deals! Don’t forget spring has started rolling in and the bright colors and adorable smocking might just bring your spirits up after all this dreary weather! Can’t wait to see you!