Hello! In case you haven’t heard yet, February has been doomed to a wintery fate by Punxsutawney Phil. We aren’t too concerned over here though, there are plenty of warm cozy cold-weather items to get us through into spring! Everything in our winter clothing section has officially dropped to 40% off the marked price; I’ve highlighted a TINY selection of items to give you an idea of what you can still find and what a fantastic deal it is now!
kssysaleIt’s so nice to be able to pick up matching items for a baby shower gift and this one has all the pieces for a newborn or 0-3 month size; the best part is the price! All together these items would normally come to $89.00 but with the sale going it will only add up to $53.40. The little blue buggy is classic (and completely seasonless) so I would definitely recommend this little set!
infantsaleFor the slightly older kids who need some last minute winter items we still have warm jackets, sweaters, and more. Here, the Little Joules dress (3-6m) was originally $39.00 (now $23.40) and the cute Tuff Kookooshka jacket (6-12m) over it was $71.00 (now $42.60). For the little man- a darling tractor sweater (18m) was $69.00 ($41.40) and warm flannel lined khakis (12m) were $35.00 ($21.00). toddlersaleFinally for the quickly growing toddler! One of my favorite pieces left in the sale is a Moxie and Mabel flower dress (4T) on the left which was $73.00 ($43.80) and could easily be worn into the brisk spring.  On the right we have beautiful cord pants (2T) that were $43.00 ($25.80) and a funny (and most likely accurate) “storm warning” tee (2T) which was $25.00 (15.00).

Now that you have an idea of what great pieces are here waiting for you- brave the winter cold for some great deals! Don’t forget spring has started rolling in and the bright colors and adorable smocking might just bring your spirits up after all this dreary weather! Can’t wait to see you!


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