Spring is Springing!

infant dresses
Adorable dresses just for the 24 month and under set. The bottom left corner is a true liberty print!

Welcome to SPRING! I know it doesn’t technically start for another few days, but considering the weather today vs. the weather predicted for the first day of spring… why wait?! We have been getting TONS of beautiful spring dresses into the store over the last month or so and I just wanted to highlight a few of my favorites. Let me know what you think and if you want one of these dresses for your little one to twirl in this upcoming spring just call the store (703-548-4420) or even leave a comment!

The three dresses on the right are available in toddler as well as 12 month through 24 month! Florals and bright colors always make me think of warm weather!

jojo red dress

We also have the above dresses just for our toddler girls. Don’t forget- we only go up to size 4 now! In case you want to get another year our of our clothing selection, this season we are expecting dresses in the size 4/5,  three of which are shipping today. Look below to see some incredibly cute two piece options for little girls who aren’t in the mood for too much frill!

twopiecetoddsI realize it’s pretty obvious that “a few of my favorites,” was an underestimation, but once you get started with these adorable dresses it is seriously hard to pick just a couple! I hope you all have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day and feel inspired by the upcoming Spring! I’ll leave with a sneak peek at those dresses I told you about earlier, they should be coming in next week!

Excuse my blurry photography- this was a quick snap at the New York show last season!


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