Spring is Springing!

infant dresses
Adorable dresses just for the 24 month and under set. The bottom left corner is a true liberty print!

Welcome to SPRING! I know it doesn’t technically start for another few days, but considering the weather today vs. the weather predicted for the first day of spring… why wait?! We have been getting TONS of beautiful spring dresses into the store over the last month or so and I just wanted to highlight a few of my favorites. Let me know what you think and if you want one of these dresses for your little one to twirl in this upcoming spring just call the store (703-548-4420) or even leave a comment!

The three dresses on the right are available in toddler as well as 12 month through 24 month! Florals and bright colors always make me think of warm weather!

jojo red dress

We also have the above dresses just for our toddler girls. Don’t forget- we only go up to size 4 now! In case you want to get another year our of our clothing selection, this season we are expecting dresses in the size 4/5,  three of which are shipping today. Look below to see some incredibly cute two piece options for little girls who aren’t in the mood for too much frill!

twopiecetoddsI realize it’s pretty obvious that “a few of my favorites,” was an underestimation, but once you get started with these adorable dresses it is seriously hard to pick just a couple! I hope you all have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day and feel inspired by the upcoming Spring! I’ll leave with a sneak peek at those dresses I told you about earlier, they should be coming in next week!

Excuse my blurry photography- this was a quick snap at the New York show last season!


March Fun and Announcements!

Hello! If the old saying about March, “In like a lion, out like a lamb,” is true- we should be expecting a lovely dose of Spring by the end of this month! I hope everyone stayed safe and slip-free in the ice yesterday! I have lots of exciting news about this month for you so keep reading!

Saturday, March 7– St. Patrick’s Day Parade! The parade starts at 12:00 Noon at King and Alfred Streets and will finish up right here at our corner! Come by in your St. Patrick’s Day finest!

Tuesday, March 17– St. Patrick’s Day! Don’t forget to wear green and watch out for Leprechauns!

Monday March 23– Kick off our two week long Easter Egg Hunt! Each day from March 23-April 4 we will have a different color Easter Egg hidden around the store for you to spot, if you can point it out you will win a prize! Each morning check our facebook page or ask someone at the counter for the color of the day!

We have been getting Spring clothing in every day and the dresses and little rompers are out of this world cute; expect a sneak peek soon! As always, thank you for taking the time to read and see you soon!

St. Valentine’s Day!

loveapron lovebear lovebunnies

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and I hope you are all as excited as I am to celebrate. We are ready with our pink bunnies and red dragons!  Valentine’s Day can get a pretty bad wrap for being overly “commercial,” but as with any other holiday- it is what you make it! My favorite thing about the holiday is making homemade cards for all my friends and family to make them feel special and remind them that I appreciate everything they do in my life; especially in this dreary winter season.


A great way to make Valentine’s Day special for your children is to make a family tradition that reminds them of the love they will ALWAYS be able to count on– yours! When I was about 8 years old, my Mom and I decided we would try our hand at making pot-stickers (pan-fried dumplings) as a special Valentine dinner for my Dad and brothers.  We worked all afternoon; my brothers even joined in to carefully fill each won ton wrapper and fold it closed.

Together, we set the table as beautifully as possible using our nicest plates and prettiest tablecloth; Dad even brought flowers for the occasion! We gathered our special Valentine cards for each other and piled them onto each place-setting.  It could be the fog of nostalgia but I don’t even remember fighting with my brothers about who got to sit where at the table. Finally we cooked the dumplings and they all stuck horribly to the pan and ended up burning! I think only a few were salvageable for dinner. We had such a wonderful time preparing together that it didn’t even matter, and the ones that survived were so good we decided to make it a yearly tradition.

That was over 15 years ago and through all of my teenage heartbreaks and trials of growing up, I have never been disappointed by Valentine’s Day.  Eventually, it turned into making our potstickers NEAR Valentine’s Day as us kids grew older, or me calling for the recipe to make at college while Mom made them at home.  No matter how it works out these days, this little tradition we started reminds me every year that there are so many people to appreciate on Valentine’s Day- not to mention this kind of treat can be shared with many or just one special someone. Don’t forget to call your best friend, stop by your Nana’s house, drop a letter to your favorite far-away aunt and hand out smiles freely this Saturday!


I’ll leave you with some sweet outfits in pinks and reds! Besides the sweet smocked dress, they are all part of the 40% off sale. That gorgeous red coat in a 3T has dropped to only $36.60 from $61.00! Check back soon, I’ll be giving you a preview of some of our beautiful spring merchandise that has started taking over the store as well as some of our fun plans for Easter. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Hello! In case you haven’t heard yet, February has been doomed to a wintery fate by Punxsutawney Phil. We aren’t too concerned over here though, there are plenty of warm cozy cold-weather items to get us through into spring! Everything in our winter clothing section has officially dropped to 40% off the marked price; I’ve highlighted a TINY selection of items to give you an idea of what you can still find and what a fantastic deal it is now!
kssysaleIt’s so nice to be able to pick up matching items for a baby shower gift and this one has all the pieces for a newborn or 0-3 month size; the best part is the price! All together these items would normally come to $89.00 but with the sale going it will only add up to $53.40. The little blue buggy is classic (and completely seasonless) so I would definitely recommend this little set!
infantsaleFor the slightly older kids who need some last minute winter items we still have warm jackets, sweaters, and more. Here, the Little Joules dress (3-6m) was originally $39.00 (now $23.40) and the cute Tuff Kookooshka jacket (6-12m) over it was $71.00 (now $42.60). For the little man- a darling tractor sweater (18m) was $69.00 ($41.40) and warm flannel lined khakis (12m) were $35.00 ($21.00). toddlersaleFinally for the quickly growing toddler! One of my favorite pieces left in the sale is a Moxie and Mabel flower dress (4T) on the left which was $73.00 ($43.80) and could easily be worn into the brisk spring.  On the right we have beautiful cord pants (2T) that were $43.00 ($25.80) and a funny (and most likely accurate) “storm warning” tee (2T) which was $25.00 (15.00).

Now that you have an idea of what great pieces are here waiting for you- brave the winter cold for some great deals! Don’t forget spring has started rolling in and the bright colors and adorable smocking might just bring your spirits up after all this dreary weather! Can’t wait to see you!

New Year, New Look!


We’ve been busy over here at Why Not? creating exciting new displays and planning for 2015! If you haven’t been by the store recently- ALL WINTER CLOTHING IS 30% OFF! It’s the perfect time to either buy ahead for next year or get some last minute items to keep your little one warm and cozy right now!

Now- if you’re interested here is a little peek at what the toys have been up to lately…

The animals are having a fantastic time in our front window! Miss Ostrich and Lambchop are singing a love ballad duet for all the happy creatures of the swamp!
The VIP view from Miss Ostrich’s eyes!
island display
A glimpse into the enchanted forest!
Rainbow Window
This is our other front window- so chock full of toys in each color in the rainbow you have to see it in person to get the full effect!

That’s all for now folks, we’ll be back soon with news and updates on SPRING! Thanks for reading!

Magical Displays and Christmas Cheer!

Our front window was inspired by Christmas morning! Three little bears sneaking down before their parents wake to see what Santa has left under the tree! See if you can spot all 7 frogs in the window the next time you’re at the store!

The holidays are absolutely the most magical time of year here at 200 King Street. We have Santa’s visits, colorful lights and garlands, secret Elfing, and the delightful excitement of everyone- young and old. The joy you see in a gruff Grandfather’s eyes when he picks out just the perfect pink, glittery stuffed animal to bring giggles and smiles to his tiny Granddaughter on Christmas Day.  The relaxed smile you see on Mom’s face as she realizes she’s done with her shopping and though there is much left to do- crossing even one thing off the never-ending to-do list is a beautiful moment. Check out the pictures below of the delightful displays our team has set up around the store!

wheres my ear
Our dear, sweet Mr. Potato Head has lost his ear! Who could be responsible for this awful trick?!


These characters in our display are getting into some shenanigans! Snowball fights and fun!

  armoire    reindeer

Last week one of our sweetest customers, James, came in to visit with us at the store. He is finally four years old, truly a little gentleman, and grows about an inch taller every month. It’s frightening to see how quickly he’s going from being a toddler to a little boy! When he saw our big reindeer friend in the middle of the store he actually SQUEALED with delight and ran straight to it forgetting all about being a “big boy,” and growing up. The reindeer got a huge hug and he asked his babysitter to please take a picture of him with the reindeer to send to mommy. As he was posing with the giant stuffed animal, it looked like the ecstatic smile on his face was going to soon grow so big it wouldn’t be possible to contain it!  Of course his little face couldn’t contain all of the joy; first the smile spread to his babysitter, then to me, then to everyone else in the store- it really took over! I’d be willing to bet it spread to every single person who looked at that picture too. It was certainly one of my favorite moments of the holiday season thus far; remembering the exhilaration of a child’s excitement at Christmastime is enough to get anyone in the spirit!

side front window
A beautiful window display celebrating winter!

Don’t forget to come in and join in our holiday promotions! Today is another trivia day- if we can’t stump you with some fun holiday trivia you’ll receive 15% off your purchase! Also bring a new toy (or purchase one here) for the toy drive and we will take $5 off your purchase of $25 or more! Have a great day!

Holiday Gift Guide #4: For Your Silly Uncle Who Drives a Cool Jeep Without Doors and Lets You Use Him as a Jungle Gym!

Barrel of Monkeys & Monkey Finger Puppet-$10.00 and $9.50Monkey

Since your Uncle is always monkeying around, why not give him a fun throwback with a Barrel of Monkeys and finger puppet!

Box of Jokes- $18.00


Squirt ring, fake poop, a hand buzzer and more- make sure you’re on the scheming side for this gift! Play jokes on the whole family all day!

Classic Disguise and Stylish Mustaches- $4.00 and $7.50disguise

After playing all those jokes on the family (or maybe after riding in that cool Jeep with no doors without Mom’s permission) you and your Uncle will need some top-notch disguises! Mustaches, glasses, and fake noses will ensure a clean getaway!

Crazy Aaron’s Super Magnetic Putty- $16.00

This putty is out of this world amazing! Check out the video above from Crazy Aaron’s Official Youtube and see all the awesome things you can do! Regular putty until you hold the magnet to it which gives the putty its own magnetic charge!  There is a wide variety and we also carry heat-sensitive color changing, glow-in-the-dark, metallic putty and others!

Pop, Pop, Snappers!- $1.00/box


A classic! Little twisted packets that make a big sound are enjoyed by all ages! These will go to use by his inner child within seconds of opening the package.

Sticker Dressing Rescue Missions- $8.99rescue

Another perfect gift for the inner child. Who says dress up sticker books are for babies? These action rescue hero’s need their awesome gear!

Site Striker and Rubber Band Shooter- $16.00 and $7.00


A foam ball shooter that is safe for indoor or outdoor use (depending on the number of precariously balancing antiques indoors.) For a smaller option the Rubber Band Shooter Blaster SUPREME is sure to be appreciated…by the recipient at least!

The Second day of Christmas (12/14/14) Why Not? is offering 15% off to any customers who come in wearing a fun and festive hat! Mention this when you get to the register and show off your cool cap (boring old baseball caps need not apply)! Check with us on Facebook tomorrow to see what our offer is!